For most people the largest purchase they will ever make will be the purchase of a house. Without doubt, the most important part of the acquisition is to be completely aware of the property’s condition. This should extend to the potential for problems into the future as building repair can be an expensive. JBC has been undertaking building surveys since the firm was established in 1987. The firm has an in-house Architectural Design Practice – McNamara & Partners which specialises in residential construction. This means that the firm has in-depth knowledge of building details, Building regulations and Standards as well as civil and structural detailing.

Commercial & Industrial


While the basic requirements in respect of the purchase and long term rental of commercial and industrial buildings is to determine current condition, it is also essential to determine the suitability of the building for the proposed use. In manufacturing for example, the disposal of effluent may have caused deterioration or even destruction of the underground drainage system. This can have serious consequences for the structure if leakage occurs close to foundations.

The leakage of corrosive effluent can cause concrete to deteriorate and is often responsible for environmental damage such as contamination of ground water systems. An experienced surveyor can identify the signs of such problems and using appropriate survey equipment and techniques determine the likely impact of the leakage on the structure. JBC has been undertaking such surveys for multi-national companies for many years.

Water leakage through roofs is responsible for millions of Euro in damage to raw materials and finished product each year. This combined with losses due to down time in manufacturing to effect repairs can be reduced or eliminated with regular and effect surveying. JBC has been trouble shooting problems and specifying innovative and guaranteed solutions for roofs in manufacturing plants, logistics and warehousing buildings for many years.

JBC works on the principal that a repair will not be specified until the problem or defect has been fully identified. The repair should be undertaken only once. Money and time is wasted in undertaking either inappropriate repair or undertaking repair of what is ‘thought’ to be the problem. This waste can be avoided and JBC guarantees this if the suggested Repair Specification is implemented.



JBC has undertaken many school projects. These include extensions, repair and maintenance works, re-roofing and Insurance Claims. Work includes dealing with the Department. The scope of work undertaken by JBC includes the design of the buildings, the preparation and submission of application for Planning Permission, Tendering Process, site supervision and certification on completion. The service extends to full interior design.



JBC has undertaken many Office development and re-development projects. The projects extend from the re-organisation and upgrading of office space within existing manufacturing plants. JBC has just signed off on the complete design and fit-out of new offices for a Solicitors practice in Cork City. This involved a full service from concept through to completion. JBC developed a hi- tech, high quality design to tie in with a complete new corporate image for the practice which JBC assisted with. The service included all aspects of interior design and finishes.